Welcome to The Project Drive. We are CRM & ERP Professionals, we are arguably one of the key pillars of business in the modern age.

We are the unsung heroes of the global economy, some may balk, but it’s true. Where would the world be without us? Let’s imagine a cataclysmic worldwide event that meant that all of us CRM & ERP Professionals decided to take a sabbatical of sorts with no replacements available. All the business analyst, the project managers, project management officers, the developers, the consultants, the testers, ……blimey the testers, all decide to jet off to the Caribbean for a few months. What would happen, how long would it take before the global GDP grinds to a halt because business have had to resort to manual reconciliations, rolodex’s, paper ledgers, Casio calculators and excel price lists.

It’s not an overstatement to say that we are very important to business, especially in today’s accelerating technological environment. We have spent our working days, evenings, weekends and many 24-hour shifts making sure that we deliver the project to our clients, we’ve spent our personal time mulling over that script, that integration or that workflow in the spirit of looking after the business and our clients, we think it’s time that we have someone, something and or someplace that dedicates themselves to us as we do our clients.

The seed of The Project Drives mission statement has bubbled under the surface of a sea of questions such as, “Is this normal in a project?”, “what’s the best way of doing this?” “what’s going on in our industry?”, “Am I getting paid the market rate?”. That’s why we are here to answer these and many more questions. We hope you find value, support and once in while some entertainment in what we do.”



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